Dividing curtains

certifikat_enDividing curtains are developed and made for visual and phisical partition of the room, sports gym or hall.

Planned and made acc. to german DIN 18032/4, what assures the customer highest safety and quality.

Every divider is made of:
• Steel structure with driving axle, electro motor and
  safety brakes
• Divider textile (artificial leather, netting…)


151220121197 a. Double leather:
•  Divider textile is double with inner space for better look and sound absobtion
• It assures optical and acoustic divided rooms with perfect, smooth appearance.

b. Single leather:
Single textile means lower input costs.
• It assures optical divider rooms. One side looks perfect, on the other there are lifting belts.

c. Combined with net:
• Made of double leather up to 2,1m (or more), further on netting. With its lower screen assures optical division of the room and upper netting prevents balls pass over.
•  Combined curtain does not interfere with lighting, sound system, fireprevention system, heating and ventilation.

20130912_140425 d. Netting:
• Netting for protection and visibility of spectators .
• It assures optical divided rooms and ball protection. It is made in accordance to meet specific room requirements and its equipment.

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